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Expedition 2000.Beautiful DEOSAI plains,the highest plateau in the world(16072ft) What is it all about?

Well,as the name shows it is about travelling on motorbike especially on mountains,on difficult terrain.Than from motorbike to hikking , trekking and much more.My main concern is to tell you that with less money big ventures are possible.This site provides you with detail of our expedition and useful information.Never wait for a lot of money for exploration and adventure.Just leave home.With small bike like Honda 70cc it seemed impossible but we did it.In all three the expeditions so far we were two only.I am Nadeem on the left and another is Mr Shakeel Hashmi.


  • Complete travelogue on About Page.

  • More trip pictures on Photo Page.

  • Expedition 2000 on Honda CD 70cc (1984 model)

  • Crossed Deosai (the highest platuea in the world,15000 ft.
  • Visit three great mountain ranges in the world,Himalayas,Karakoram and Hindokush.We also covered 2500 kms in 10 days.

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    Expedition 1999.on Honda CD 70cc (1984)
  • Multan,Nanga Parbat base camp,Babusar pass,Naran,Shogran,Multan.
    Expedition 1999.on Honda CD 70cc (1984)
  • Multan,Fort Monroe,Rakni,Multan.
    Expedition 2001
  • Multan,Khunjerrab pass,Shandur pass,Lawari pass,Multan.
    (A NON STOP travel of 18 hours record from Chitral to Rawalpindi)is there any one to challange?

    Expedition 2000
  • Day 1. Multan to Rawalpindi by train.
  • Day 2. Rawalpindi to Dasu.
  • Day 3. Dasu to Astor
  • Day 4. Astor to Sheosar lake,Deosai.
  • Day 5. Sheosar lake,Deosai to Skardu.
  • Day 6. Skardu to Satpara lake > Shigar valley > Skardu.
  • Day 7. Skardu to Kaplu > Machlu > Kaplu > Skardu.
  • Day 8. Skardu to Gilgit.
  • Day 9. Gilgit to Dasu.
  • Day 10. Dasu to Abbotabad.
  • Day 11. Abbotabad to Nathia Gali > Murree > Rawalpindi.
  • Day 12. Rawalpindi to Multan.

  • Expedition 2001.Two friends,Ulrich (center) from Denmark and Fraundorff(right) from Germany helped us for two hours on Shandur top and repaired our bikes.I shall remember their help all my life.Denis (Fraundorff's girl friend) smiles patiently.(top left) Please do not forget to sign my guest book.

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